NBA Offseason Roundup: August 3, 2018

Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson are at it again, LeBron is a saint, and Capela finally gets a deal. All this and more in our latest NBA Offseason Roundup.

Tristan “Sucker Punch” Thompson

Life is rough for Thompson lately. Video evidence of him cheating on Khloe Kardashian surfaced, he got obliterated in the NBA finals, and then the only man keeping him relevant in basketball left for Los Angeles. Yet Thompson regained some relevance this week by (allegedly) punching the NBA’s resident supervillain, Draymond Green, at an ESPYs after party, to everyone’s delight. Finally some good attention for the beleaguered center. There is even going to be a parade for him. Draymond denied the rumors, for what it’s worth (not much). 

LeBron Opens “I Promise” School

LeBron James opened a school in Akron this week in an attempt to soften the blow of his deserting Cleveland for the sunny skies of California. Peace Ohio. I’m just kidding, what LeBron James is doing is truly incredible. He has taken his past experiences as a child and used them to better current kids’ lives. His I Promise School was opened by the LeBron James Family Foundation in conjunction with Akron Public Schools. The school is open for low-income and at-risk students, like James was as a child. It will serve 240 students the first year, 120 in third grade and 120 in fourth grade, with plans to expand each year until reaching grade 1-8. It doesn’t just stop at that, LeBron’s I Promise School offers much more. Job placement assistance for parents, an on-site food bank, support for students with economic stress, a free bike for every student (LeBron biked to school as a child), and a guarantee of free college tuition to the University of Akron to all graduates starting in 2021. It’s an institution that will impact the city in immeasurable ways.

Is Oladipo a Mini-LeBron?

Victor Oladipo started working out in Miami last summer at DBC Gym, transforming his body and becoming an All-Star in just one summer. The owner of that gym, David Alexander, caught some people’s attention recently when discussing Vic. Alexander said, “If you thought he was explosive last year, this year he’s going to be f—king scary, he’s turning into a mini-LeBron.” Mini-LeBron? Get outta here. But wait, maybe Alexander is on to something, take a look and judge for yourself.

Yeah, mini-LeBron may be a stretch, but Dipo’s handle looks tighter and his stepbacks are on point. He looks gooood.

What Clint Capela’s Deal Could Mean for Next Summer

Before free agency began, Capela was rumored to want a max extension, and debates over Capela’s true value permeated sports media. But the market proved dry this summer when the restricted free agent ultimately signed for 5 years and $80M, with $2M worth of incentives for each of the 5 years, a far cry from the max deal he sought. This bodes well for a team like the Pacers, who will have a similar decision on their hands next summer when Myles Turner becomes a restricted free agent. Indiana would surely enjoy giving Myles a similar, value-priced contract. However, more teams are set to have cap space next summer, so the market’s demand will look quite different. Myles performance this season will ultimately dictate his value, but the Capela deal still looks like a good sign for the Pacers, who will have $60M+ in cap space to play with in Summer 2019.

Hawks Waive Carmelo Who Will Reportedly Sign with Rockets

Atlanta finalized the buyout of Carmelo Anthony’s contract on Monday and  Melo cleared waivers on Wednesday. Carmelo now fully intends to sign with the Houston Rockets at the veteran minimum of $2.4M, the exact amount of his 2018-19 salary that the Atlanta Hawks saved in his buyout. After all that trouble, Melo will be paid the entirety of his contract and play for one of the best teams in the NBA. Not bad. The Rockets are also rumored to have interest in trading for Hawks wing, Kent Bazemore. Ryan Anderson and a first round pick for Bazemore seems reasonable.  

Pacers Extend Nate McMillan

Indiana Pacers and Head Coach Nate McMillan are finalizing an agreement on an extension. The agreement will extend McMillan’s contract through the 2020-21 season. 

Notable Remaining Free Agents
  • Rodney Hood
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Jamal Crawford
  • Greg Monroe
  • Trevor Booker
  • David West
  • Nick Young

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