NBA Offseason Roundup: August 17, 2018

Myles Turner grows into his yoga body, Kobe sees off-court success, and Carmelo and JR Smith duke it out one on one in the rare quiet NBA offseason week.

Future MIP, Myles Turner

Myles Turner has been working hard to improve his body this offseason, as Victor Oladipo did last year, by hitting the gym and mixing in unconventional exercises (for basketball players) like yoga. This may be an odd strategy for improving basketball skills, but Turner looks agile and fluid here. 

Sure he is playing against nobody’s in the video, but it’s evident Myles’ body control has improved. Turner wasn’t shooting jump shots on the move like this last year. The fluidity in his movements doesn’t make him look like a awkward 7-foot high school freshman anymore. Developing perimeter skills like pull-ups and penetration could be crucial in allowing Turner and Sabonis to share the floor for extended minutes. Myles might be primed for a big year — at least we can hope.

Dennis Smith Jr. Has Unreal Bounce

Smith was slightly overlooked last year as a rookie due to an extremely strong class headlined by Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell, and Jayson Tatum, and also because he played on the lowly Mavericks. He averaged a really solid 15.2 points and 5.2 assists by using his truly freakish athleticism:

Kobe Bryant Sees Success Off the Court

Coca-Cola purchased a minority stake in the sports beverage brand BodyArmor this week.

BodyArmor, a healthier alternative to Gatorade, and has exploded in growth in a few short years. Current athletes Mike Trout and James Harden invested in the brand early on and have subsequently appeared in ads to support its growth. Former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant invested $6M in BodyArmor 4.5 years ago, and his investment is now worth $200M following the Coca-Cola purchase.

Not bad Kobe, not bad.

Steph Curry Reopens Wolves’ Wound

The Timberwolves are still reeling from their flop of a draft in 2009 in which they used picks #5 and #6 on point guards, neither of whom were named Steph Curry. They instead drafted Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn (Lol), while Steph went at #7. Steph reopened those wounds this week when he said he heard the Wolves didn’t draft him because of his interest in golf. Curry explained that former Wolves GM David Kahn didn’t draft Curry because Minnesota is so cold that Curry would be miserable without golf. Let’s hope this isn’t true for Kahn’s sake, even though he has been long gone in Minnesota.

Carmelo vs JR Smith

If you want to watch the most boring 1-on-1 video, here it is.

One More Advocate for LeBron as GOAT

Rockets General Manager, Daryl Morey, explained that LeBron James is not only the best ever, but the best by a decent margin.

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