NBA Offseason Roundup: August 24, 2018

A 14-second shot clock, Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler’s Instagram “Feud,” and Toronto attempts to tighten their grip on Kawhi’s future. Catch up on all the latest NBA action in this week’s offseason roundup.

NBA Considering Rule Changes

The NBA’s Board of Governors are expected to pass three new rule changes, including resetting the shot clock after an offensive rebound to 14 seconds, simplifying the clear-path rule, and defining a “hostile act” to more easily trigger instant replay.

The clear-path revisions are intended to limit instances where teams miss out on transition opportunities due to a clear-path foul. If a clear-path foul is called under the new rule, the team would get two free throws and possession of the ball. The “hostile act” definition would be expanded to include interactions with a coach, referee, or fan.

The most interesting and impactful rule change would be the shot clock. Overall possessions and shot attempts would increase throughout games, but the greatest impact could come at the end of close games.

As mentioned earlier, these rules are “expected” to be passed, but the Board of Governors for the NBA will vote September 20-21. For the rules to be passed they will need two-thirds majority vote.

Kawhi, LeBron, and KD Practice Together

A photo surfaced picturing Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Kevin Durant after working out together. What could this mean? Probably nothing, except confirming that Kawhi’s hands are indeed gargantuan. Also, how did Cedi Osman manage to get an invite? Good for him.

Dwyane Wade vs Jimmy Butler

The former Bulls teammates had a bit of a tiff on Instagram this week when Butler commented on Wade’s wife Gabrielle Union’s post. Butler commented “WELL DAMN” on her now deleted photo, and Wade quickly responded with “MINE.” Butler later posted his own photo with a caption of “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” to which Wade replied, “Put well damn in caps on my wife photo again and you’re gonna see what the good, the bad and the ugly is like.” It gave NBA fans something to talk about, but it is most likely a fake feud as they are apparently cool with each other.

Manu Ginobili Pondering Retirement

Ginobili, 41, has played 16 hall of fame worthy seasons and is now considering retirement. Tim Duncan has already retired, Tony Parker is now a Hornet, and Kawhi is in Toronto, so it’s now only him and Pop. Ginobili is expected to meet with Popovich soon to discuss his future.

Cousins is Progressing

Cousins posted a video on twitter updating his progress while recovering from an Achilles injury. It is encouraging to see him moving around and dunking but he clearly has a long way to go. He favors the left Achilles heavily and did not jump off of the left leg.

Toronto Desperate to Retain Kawhi

The Raptors organization is already trying to convince Leonard to stay in Toronto after this season by bringing in his buds. A close friend of Leonard, Jeremy Castleberry, was hired to the Raptors staff. This hiring certainly won’t hurt the Raptors chances of keeping Leonard, but I’m not sure it will help them either.

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