Kyle Beachy


NFL Preview: NFC East

The reigning Super Bowl champs add an MVP-caliber QB, the only thing more impressive than the explosiveness of the Cowboys’ offense is the ineptitude of their defense, Ben McAdoo has a new haircut, and the Skins stink. The obvious choice to win the East is Philly, but are they a sure thing?


NFL Preview: NFC North

Is Kirk Cousins the upper-tier arm Minnesota needs to make a Super Bowl run? Can Matthew Patricia incorporate the ‘Patriot Way’ in Detroit? Will Mitchell Trubisky make the leap? These questions and more dissected in our NFC North preview.

The GOAT: MJ vs LeBron

The Michael Jordan vs Lebron James debate is a fascination of the internet that will not die — until now. We settle it once and for all: who is the greatest basketball player of all time?